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Doctors Know Best: 5 Fitness Tips to Stay Healthy

Same as fitness experts, most medical practitioners can provide a great number of fitness tips to stay healthy. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, physical activity and strength training are among the most commonly recommended preventive therapies for many common diseases including psychiatric disorders, cancer, and diabetes. Both moderate and vigorous exercises help optimizing overall health; normalize glucose, leptin, and insulin levels.

With only 21 percent of American adults engaged in two and a half hours of physical activity (the U.S. government’s weekly recommendation for aerobic and muscle-strengthening exercise), the vast majority of citizens clearly fail to get sufficient workouts to stay healthy. On the other hand, the recent studies on mortality outcomes for an array of diseases (such as coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and others) have shown that a slight optimization of one’s lifestyle might be as effective as drug interventions and medical treatment.

warmEven if you’re not an athlete or a serious exerciser, working out for your health can trigger alterations in more than 20 various fat-burning metabolites, as well as cause positive changes in your muscles, lungs, heart, brain, and skeleton. Practically all body systems improve their functioning due to oxygenated blood, muscle contraction, the growth of new cells, etc.

The following fitness tips to stay healthy require little effort and can be incorporated into your daily routines without the need to invest too much time into them.

• Warm up every 15 minutes

Even if you work out in the gym on a daily basis, you can still be headed for premature death if you’re leading a sedentary lifestyle. That’s why you should use every opportunity to get up and move a little bit even if you just need to hand over a pencil to a colleague sitting next to you.

• Anaerobic traininganaerobic
High-intensity performance in short duration (lasting from a couple of seconds up to 2 minutes) substantially increases oxygen deficit which results in burning glycogen and training your cardiovascular system to operate at its maximum. However, as such an activity will raise your heart rate dramatically. That’s why it’s recommended to consult your physician prior to practicing it.

• Strength exercising
One of the best fitness tips to stay healthy is to perform the type of an exercise that would trigger muscular contraction resulting in a significant improvement of their functionality and endurance. As a result of strength exercising, you’ll protect your bone health, optimize muscle mass, develop better body mechanics, boost energy level, and prevent many diseases.

core Core training
The main 29 core muscles that are mainly located in your back, abdomen, and pelvis function to generate power to carry any movement, as well as protect your whole your body against injuries. They also serve to make your spine less prone to damages and improve your body’s balance and stability.

This sort of a physical activity provides plenty of benefits such as better flexibility and injury prevention. It also helps relax your muscles, promote blood circulation, and improve your posture. Paired with a healthy diet, it can seriously reduce cholesterol levels and prevent arteries consolidation.