Fitness 101

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As doctors, we are frequently telling people to lose weight, exercise more and eat better, in order to maintain their health. However it is a lot harder to do in practice than it is to talk about.

So if you have decided you either need to lose weight, or wish to follow a more healthy program for body and mind, what are our top tips to achieve this?


This one is nice and simple and doesn’t have to cost anything at all. Simply walking more is one of the best exercises you can do and on a nice summer or fall day, when the sun is making everything look beautiful, it can be a good way to relax.

Park your car a few blocks further away from where you’re going to and walk in to work from there.

In the mornings, if you can spare the time, start things off with a brisk walk. It will get your heart and circulation going and make you feel more alert before you begin the day.


This is another lifestyle change that literally will cost you nothing at all. Remembering to drink water throughout the day will keep you hydrated, naturally. Ditch the heavily caffeinated and sugar laden sodas for a nice chilled mineral water and see the difference it makes to your overall wellness and things like your complexion – try it!


You’ve probably got a bike somewhere, lying forlornly and unloved in the shed. Dust it down and get out on it, whilst the weather is still on your side!


The easiest way not to eat that double tub of choc apocalypse ice cream is simply not to purchase it in the first place. Try and save treats and the like for eating out, which will only be done on an occasional basis. Not buying foods that you know will kill your diet or eating plan is a lot easier than trying to resist them when they are placed in front of you!