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The Difference Between Male and Female Rhinoplasty


Many people think that plastic surgery, especially rhinoplasty, is only for women. It’s a false statement, as men also want their faces to look balanced. However, the procedure differs a bit depending on the patient’s gender, and the best plastic surgeon NYC has to take these differences into consideration. The main reasons of the different approach are:

  • Anatomical difference.
  • Male and female faces are built in a slightly different way. The noses of men have higher bridge, with a prominent shape and thicker skin. The latter is very important during both the operation and the process of recovery, as thick skin “drapes” in a different way.
  • Female nose is more delicate, both in shape and tissue structure, it’s also often shorter, and women want their noses to look more feminine. For example, they often request the so called “supratip break”, which is a slight indentation on the bridge, in the area above the tip.
  • Eventually, ethnical origin means a lot.
  • Different aesthetic comprehension.

Men and women are completely different – they even perceive the term of beauty in a different way. That’s why the final result of a nose jobs is an important difference. There are some surgeons that work only with female or male patients due to the certain amount of practice and skill base.female

  • Most men like prominent noses with sharp, distinguished characteristics. For example, they would want the tip of their nose less rotated, making the angle between the bottom part of the nose and the upper lip about 90 to 95 degrees.
  • Women, on the opposite, like more soft and petite nasal shapes. They would want to have a more rotated nose tip. As the trends are changing rapidly, and now the most “popular” nose shape that’s considered ideal is straight and more or less long.

In both practices it’s highly important to remember that realistic result is the best. There has to be a clear border between what is just great for your face, balancing it and looking natural, to what is overdone and will make your face look artificial. For that:

  • Choose a good specialist.

It’s important to choose a highly skilled surgeon for your face to be in safe hands. It would be the best if you chose a doctor, who would specialize only on male or female rhinoplasty in NYC, as such a person knows every peculiarity that might possibly impact the nose job that’s about to be done. Make sure the specialist is certified and has good testimonials because once you paid you can’t get a refund and male nose job cost is generally different than female.

  • Ask for digital results.

While consulting your doctor, make sure he or she shows you a digitally created photo of you after the operation. You have to see what your nose will look like after the full recovery for being safe from unpleasant surprises.

  • Have realistic goals.

Make sure the shape you want to attain will look natural on your face. Consult your doctor every now and then on whether the shape you’d like to have will be proportional to the rest of your face. Unfortunately, not all shapes are good for every face.